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Golden Glow, the organic sun oil, 4 fl oz / 8 oz refill


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Golden Glow, the organic sun oil, 4 fl oz / 8 oz refill

Banana Boat days... Meet fab organic ways. Grab those blissful days of youthful sunning with our classic organic mist in an amber glass bottle. Coconut, sesame, + vanilla provide properties of a natural low spf* and contain the most nourishing of ingredients for before, during, + after your sun exposure! Use alone on a base tan or pair with your favorite sunblock, all while scenting the skin beautifully. Also works beautifully POST-SUN to prevent peeling, or as your daily (or nightly!) moisturizing skin glow. *please use a full spectrum sunblock for full sun protection*

CHOOSE FROM 4 OZ GLASS MIST + 8 OZ** PET PLASTIC REFILL SIZES! **the refill size will not be reflected in the labeling 

”Best stuff ever!”

”The scent is DELICIOUS!”

find in our SUMMER SERIES BUNDLE trio at a huge savings as well!

to use: apply before, during, + after sun exposure. suitable for use as a body moisturizer.

ingredients: organic fractionated cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, organic sesamum indicum (sesame) seed oil, organic absolut vanilla planifolia (vanilla) fruit oil


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