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Damage Defy Body, the anti-aging body oil, 4 fl oz


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Damage Defy Body, the anti-aging body oil, 4 fl oz

SHE HAS ARRIVED! As have you. Inspired by client requests, Damage Defy Body was a must-have to exude the softest, sleekest, smoothest confidence in the skin that matters as much as the face. Utilizing our exclusive blend of heavenly organic essentials from the original Damage Defy facial oil, that are both aromatic AND pack that skin-brightening/calming/clearing punch, this absorbent oil also adds a new-to-the-line anti-aging cold-pressed oil: PASSION FRUIT! Passion fruit oil contains vitamins C + A to protect with antioxidants, has properties to FIRM the skin, and utilizes carotenoids to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (goodbye sun damage!). Highly absorbent and created for all skin types and ages, we know you'll love this body oil spritz through every season.

to use: spray on clean skin morning or night and rub in to absorb. breathe and glow.

100% organic ingredients: passion fruit oil, lavender oil, frankincense oil, lemon oil

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