Damage Defy, the anti-aging facial oil, 2 fl oz


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Damage Defy, the anti-aging facial oil, 2 fl oz
Damage Defy, the anti-aging facial oil, 2 fl oz


Defy Damage. Repair. Restore. This 100% organic blend of seven powerful oils is small batch crafted using pure unrefined ingredients to leave your skin + senses at ease. Properties of our highly-absorbent chosen oils include calming, healing, brightening, acne clearing, reducing the appearance of fine lines, moisture restoration, collagen boosting, exfoliation, rejuvenating, scar reduction, regenerating, and fighting free radicals with powerful natural antioxidants.

to use: apply to skin after cleansing and/or toning, day or night. suitable for use alone, with a serum, or added to your favorite moisturizer or sunscreen. allow to absorb or wipe off with a hot cloth for use as an oil cleanser. suitable for every skin type.

ingredients: argan oil, marula oil, rose hip oil, sea buckthorn oil, lavender oil, frankincense oil, lemon oil

also available in our discounted bundles:
“I’ve been using this organic oil on my face to freshen and bring back the youthful look and I can’t believe what a difference I have seen in a few days. I have been so stressed, that  for awhile my skin was starting to look run down without at least eyeliner and foundation, but since using this I’ve been rocking the all natural look all day happily.”
"Damage defy makes my skin feel amazing! I love how relaxing it is before bed! A perfect add to my night time routine. My skin is so soft and even in the morning!"
"Love the feel and smell. Has made a big difference with my skin."
"Love Damage defy! I use it before I go to bed and my skin has never looked better."
"I use Damage Defy every night! It moisturizers well, leaves my skin feeling smooth, and has a great fragrance!"

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