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YOU'RE GROUNDED! in the best possible way...

A LOT of planetary energy out there right now... Planets in retrograde... Full Moon Lunar Eclipse... Global upheaval on many many levels. WHEW! If you're sensitive at all, you (and your children!!) may be feeling this strongly. 
FEAR NOT. We have to learn to FORGE WITH 2020 not fight against it. It's happening whether we want it to or not and I have faith it's clearing/showing/healing what needs to be cleared/shown/healed-ourSELVES included! 
It's time to GET GROUNDED. Huh? Grounding our energy in nature or with mindful practices can change everything within us, giving us a new perspective AROUND US. Change always starts within, right?? I know it does here. For example, aside from using my voice regarding injustices that may fall on deaf ears, I decided to do a Dry July in honor of my late father. I wanted to break a Quar-Cycle with a little Quar-tox to feel better inside and out! I'm leading women through this month with Dry (or dry-ish) tips AND other ways to be healthy + mindful. MY HEALTH and well-being helps me. Helps my kids. Helps others... Trickles on to everyone else. Viewing us as a collective and connected helps us flow during these crazy times when we're otherwise tempted to hide in a corner and cry. (For the record, that's ok too-just don't stay there;).
WAYS TO GROUND OUR ENERGY when we're otherwise feeling out of control:
NATURE AKA feet/hands in sand, barefoot grass walks, walking barefoot on cement, chasing our children outside barefoot, swimming in the sea, breathing in the salt air, hugging a damn tree!, giving yourself 5 minutes of alone time in the breeze saying THANK YOU FOR ALL I HAVE, listening to the birds, taking screen time OFF, unfollowing unhealthy people/news, journaling gratitude/vents/hopes + dreams, viewing life as a child again, LAUGHTER, meditation, YOGA, movement, music, dance, running, biking, eating healthy clean foods mindfully, hugs, hydration, cutting back on caffeine + alcohol/stimulants, using Carefree Organics Stress Spray, YOU GET THE DRIFT!
Please comment with your favorite grounding tools and reach out with any questions! We are in this TOGETHER. Now go play in that Earth, because she's still here for us. XO
-becca, creator + ceo, carefree organics/freedom with rebecca

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