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that carefree GRUB-simplicity is key!

Rebecca Pastore


cucumbers • goat cheese • ACV • iodized sea salt • olive oil 🍽
                 cucumbers • goat cheese • ACV • iodized sea salt • olive oil 🍽

whew! #thatpandemiclife definitely started to get the best of me. bad habits: check. processed foods: check. stress eating: CHECK. 

the problem with self-medicating to "de-stress" in any way, shape or form actually has the opposite of the intended effect; maybe not right away, but it doesn't take long. more anxiety more bad habits more self-loathing and a hole you're suddenly too deep into to have any hope. 

since virtual school with 3 little boys was quickly approaching (we started 8/4!!!), i knew i had 2 choices: dig myself in deeper, keep doing everything that felt wrong yet so right impulsively, and come out that much healthier on the other side-with a dash of projecting that out to my children and likely affecting everything else. 

there were many keys to finding this flow, but i want to focus on the FOOD portion of the program today. my secret? SIMPLICITY. yes, a schedule is helping me. exercise is helping me. fasting is helping me. music is helping me. learning is helping me. and sleep is helping! but. keeping it simple on the grocery list and in the kitchen has been the absolute best decision in getting that spark back... honestly i didn't know if i'd see it again during these crazy times!


proteins: scallops, ahi, salmon, shrimp, chicken, chickpeas, turkey, hummus, tofu, nuts

veggies: shredded cabbage or cabbage mix, mini english cucumbers, spinach, brussels, yellow squash, tomatoes, red onion

fruits: lime, peaches, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, apples

FLAVORS: goat cheese, feta, sesame oil, olive oil, iodized sea salt, basil, mint, dill, apple cider vinegar, raw honey, balsamic, coconut aminos

choose + mix-very minimally! make extra for later, for tomorrow, and chop each ingredient to the kids liking for their own dipping station. it's REALLY been adding lacking nutrients to their meals as well, and setting a fab example. if you do make a recipe for the fam, save the extra protein for one of your salads tomorrow and ditch the refined carbs/over-graining yourself.

cabbage + seared ahi + sesame oil + coconut aminos 

i cannot WAIT to go into my other keys to #killingquar with goodness because #healthiswealth and WE GOT THIS!

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  • Looking forward to following along. I am resetting my diet and exercise because I didn’t make it a priority during our last go round with distance learning. Do you have recommendations as far as books for fasting? I like how your using simple ingredients for each meal. Simplicity always seems to work rather then trying complicated recipes.

    Brooke Sutton

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