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STRESS! relief...

Did you know that our beloved unique AMAZINGLY scented aromatic Stress Sprays were originally created for a fun DIY ladies' night workshop at a boutique? That's right! Grab a small spray bottle, fill with rose water, and add whatever essential oil scents/properties appeal to you and voila! Fun, right??
What I wasn't expecting from these women-from teens to elderly and in between-was their experience. Not only were they out and doing something for themselves, but it was more than that. They closed their eyes, breathed in their creations, and smiled with complete bliss. As if the mist gave them that tiny escape, that tiny encouragement... to BREATHE.
I find myself so often holding my breath it scares me! Perhaps it's because I live with 3 tiny gentleman and one large one:) Or. Perhaps I'm just not being aware, mindful, and present throughout the day to recognize that breathing is life. It gives immediate anxiety relief and can reset you in an instant, or at the least, it can help you begin to calm. 
I found myself next offering "anxiety holiday bundles" to a fertility/baby loss group I'm in with some amazing women. Not only were they interested, but they ordered and LOVED it and reached out following for more. 
I knew I had something special on hand. When C B D next entered the line after learning of its anti-inflammatory skin benefits, the perfect most unique mist for him, her, and kids alike, was born. It was a part of our new FREE line, which included that and a facial oil. What I didn't realize is that it would also be used as so much more than a fancy spray... Reported were anxiety relief on the go, a sleep aid on sheets, a floral earthy body mist, + awesomely as a FACIAL TONER-which not only helps to clear, balance, + regenerate the skin, but has pure aromatherapy as a bonus! 
Other stress relief tips include*:
  • yoga 
  • hot epsom baths (mist your spray!)
  • solid rest
  • power naps
  • daily hydration (a biggie!)
  • lower caffeine
  • lower alcohol
  • lower inflammatory foods
  • add magnesium
  • less screen time
  • journaling
  • praying (to whomever you wish, of course)
  • supplements including ashwagandha + c b d oil
  • meditation
  • breathing
  • EFT tapping
  • behavioral therapy
  • massage therapy
  • chatting with supportive friends
  • connecting with family
  • giving back to others/serving community
  • lighting candles
  • affirmations
  • routine
  • loving yourself-no matter what
PLEASE add your tips for stress relief below!
xo - becca, creator + ceo, carefree organics / freedom with rebecca
*not medical advice. please see your physician before starting new supplements

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  • In my experience CO Stress Spray is 83% more effective than cootie spray to ward off life’s pesky situations. Or maybe it simply and instantly changes my reaction to them.
    It works and it’s a great gift !
    I recently gave a bottle to my daughter-in-law who’s work is human relations and says she ‘loves HR and doesn’t like people’. Hopefully, she now feels 83% more effective at her job.


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