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Rebecca Pastore

ODE TO THE SMOOTHIE. Not for 24/7 meal replacements. Not for a miracle solution. Not to starve yourself. But. To sneak in much-needed nutrients easily, quickly, deliciously... For yourSELF and your family with health + beauty benefits to boot? #yesplease. 
It's actually ordering some goodness ahead, planning to make them, and actually making them that often seems to be the holdup in this home. However after 3 months of feeling ICK in quarantine-mode with many many manyyyyyyyyyyy hot homecooked (old school) meals we were lucky to have, it was time for some shifting in our daily habits.
The easiest change I could think of was once again incorporating a fam smoothie each day BEFORE A MEAL (to catch them hungry!!) prior to a breakfast or lunch that could otherwise end up heavy on undesirable nutrient-less options out of pure desperation #momsamiright? BOOM. A few days, and it became the norm. Even my pickiest was having about a 1/4 cup of one and I was thrilled he was trying it. My middle thrived in creating ones with names and ingredients he chose (think the watermelon slush etc.) which was fun for us. In a pinch there are unlimited options and you can't really go wrong, but I certainly do have a "perfect" smoothie for us that I happen to always have ingredients on hand for. 
1 c almond milk
1/2 c frozen wild blueberries
handful of any greens
1/4 c hemp hearts
Why the title? Anti-aging antioxidants, skin-supporting omegas, gut-healthy fiber, blood sugar lowering additions, and cancer-fighting phytonutrients are a great start. From the inside out, your body will be supported + inflammation will be lower than after an unhealthy meal or snack choice. It's that easy. 
PLEASE NOTE: Everything is optional + sub-able! Yes everything! Not into the processed powder? Ditch it. Feel the banana has too much sugar? Bye bye. Don't have something listed above or prefer a different berry? That is FINE. You will still get great benefits as long as you aren't dumping sugars or hidden sugars into the mix-which are pretty easy to avoid!
  • Bananas add sweetness
  • Avocado makes a creamy texture (and adds a healthy fat!)
  • Dairy can be inflammatory to the skin and cause bloating-try to avoid!
  • Some sea salt water will add a dash of electrolytes!
Would LOVE to hear your favs!! XO + Smoothie On!
-becca, creator + ceo, carefree organics / freedom with rebecca 

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