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HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! Let's talk MEN'S products!
we hope you had a fabulous Father’s Day with your people!!
special thoughts with those who lost their dads or are unable to visit during these crazy times🤍
we had a lot of questions about the MEN’S line leading up to this holiday, and while a few men’s favorites have been shelved, we do have options!!
FREEDOM FACIAL OIL makes the perfect ONE STEP oil cleanser or BEARD/HAIR OIL for him + RADIANT REPEL is perfect for the outdoor dads.
DEW DROP oil-free unscented serum makes the perfect easy dude moisturizer while AGELESS softens mature skin beautifully.
one caveat: he has to share;)
what products do your MEN love??
use code ACTION10 for savings on all June 2020 orders! 🤍💙🖤🌊

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