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dry july!


I’m back.

Are you?

What’s that even mean?

Have you lost a piece of yourself this year?

I have.

But I’m finding new pieces, and it’s time to utilize those.

It’s so easy to feel helpless at times, especially in THESE times.

Can we single-handedly end a global pandemic? Racism? Poverty?


That’s not why we’re here, not to go at it alone anyway.

But we do all have a small part to play.

Which together, becomes more powerful than we could dream.

We aren’t helpless.

We are here to be helpful.

Even if it’s just helping ourselves…

Which trickles to our family…

Which trickles to everyone surrounding us and so on.

We are all connected.

2020 brought strife for all, and on a personal note, I lost my father at 64 years young in early January.

I had celebrated Christmas with him just 3 days prior to him falling ill.

I think the topic of grief will come up in here in another post at some point.

But, in honor of him, and his birthday being July 2nd, I want to get back to something that I’ve been putting off that was once so meaningful, so connective: Running a women’s dry month.

Or dry-ish month.

Or detox.

Or learning.

Or relearning.

Or cutting back.

Or changing habits.

Or losing weight.

Or getting healthy-both mentally + physically.

Or getting more sleep.

Or simply sitting back and observing.

There are no rules, judgement, or lack of support; Only kindness is encouraged.

In a safe private facebook group, I’ll be guiding you for the month of July only using the best free resources I have found, with plenty of recommended optional purchases (unaffiliated) if you are interested in further learning or reading.

We will talk MODERATION.

We will talk science.

Will will talk support!



Maybe even an Angel Card pull or 2.

What I want you to understand is that I’m doing this WITH YOU.

From a new personal perspective-Lord knows I have been QUEEN OF QUARANTINE. Whew!

And from a place of LOVE + INTENT TO HELP ANYONE WHO NEEDS IT-even if it’s just one of you!!!

In a year of loss, grief, fear, worry.

In a year of the Quarantine-10 weight gain and stress eating and calling in all the vices and less alone time or TOO MUCH alone time or becoming a teacher overnight, it’s time to call back ourselves and connect to YOU.

For an investment of less than a glass of wine, $7.20 (total!!!) will get you the private group, learning, support, honesty, and myself daily to answer any and all questions while providing space for whoever is meant to end up there.

This isn’t to make a buck. Or 7! This is to invest in yourself and hold yourself accountable-NOT for perfection-but for showing up as you need to when you need to and knowing that support exists.

Use this link for payment + you’ll be added to the group or sent a link to join: paypal.me/freedomwithrebecca

Here’s to a healthy mind, body, soul, spirit, and aligning with what feels GOOD.


 -becca, creator + ceo, carefree organics + freedom with rebecca



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