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collagen + cream

Rebecca Pastore

ready for some serious #coffeelove? most mornings, especially when i'm on my intermittent fasting game (not as of late and another post on that to come!!), i hold off some hunger with a tall iced cup of starbucks blonde roast cold brew-BLACK-of which I never thought i'd enjoy! 

quar has created this need for warm morning comfort (and sleeping in anyway ready to tackle the brunching day), and i've been living for my hot creamy wakeup call. 

but COLLAGEN? as in... bones? the short answer is: YEP! the anti-aging and other body benefits are a Godsend... + using some natural bliss almond creamer froths it up beautifully~with zero aftertaste. have you tried? what healthy additions do you love throwing in your cup o' carefree joe? *don't worry-there's a vegan option as well!

#frothyourself (if you haven't seen how to lose a guy i give up)

xo - becca, creator + ceo, carefree organics / freedom with rebecca

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