Marine Miracle, a collagen powder clay mask, 2 oz

“So I’ve never been one to go get facials or anything – I typically just used a cleanser and toner/astringent and moisturizer. As I’ve gotten older, I want to keep my skin looking as best as it possibly can – without doing anything too harsh. (I will NEVER be a botox person) When I saw this Marine Miracle product, I had to give it a try! This tan colored powder is so easy to use – not to mention it lasts for a long time!! Once you combine it with water, it will create a mask feel. I put it on my face and left it there for a few minutes. You can feel the mask hardening on your face as the moments go by. After leaving it on for awhile, I washed it off and let me tell you my skin felt and looked amazing! My skin was so soft and brighter! This product is now my at home facial! LOVE IT!!!!”

“I am in love with this product. I have a minimal beauty regimen and try to keep things as simple as possible. I was looking for something to give my skin a little spark in the blah winter months. Problem solved! This mask dries so quickly, I don’t have to put aside a ton of time to see results. It is a nice thin mask that doesn’t feel like it’s caked on. My skin was instantly soft and feels amazing. I have been using this every few days and can’t believe I ever lived without it. Thank you Carefree!!”

A collagen & clay mask that dreams are made of!! Detoxify, purify, tighten pores, and reverse aging with natural ingredients. This powerhouse comes as a powder and is easily made into a facial mask with water.

to use: mix equal parts powder and water in your hand and apply to face and neck. leave on for as long as desired and wipe/wash off to reveal a fresh SOFT face!

ingredients: hydrolized (marine peptide) collagen powder, organic kaolinite (red moroccan clay) powder


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